What parts do I need to install a wall mounted fan?

What parts do I need to install a wall mounted fan?


Welcome to the Extractor Fan World Blog, in this video, we'll be taking a look at one of our most frequently asked questions to do with wall-mounted fans. "What parts do I need to install a wall-mounted fan?"


You'll find links to a selection of the best wall-mounted axial bathroom fans from the UK's leading manufacturers and the relevant ducting accessories below.


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Hi, welcome to Extractor Fan World TV. My name's Matt and I'm down here in our warehouse today to answer one of our most frequently asked questions, which is this - I want to install a wall-mounted extractor fan in my bathroom, what additional items will I need to complete this installation?

Well before we look at those additional items, let's dive down onto the table and have a look at a suitable fan for this installation.

So, this is a 100mm or 4 axial fan this one in particular is from the Silent Tornado range of fans. This is an ideal option for placing through the wall of your bathroom. So now let's take a look at those other additional items that we will need for this installation.

OK, so in addition to the fan unit here, these are all the items that you are going to need to complete this installation. All of these items, same as the fan, are 100mm or 4 in diameter and it's worth noting at this point that if you were doing an installation say for a kitchen fan which may be 5 or 6, all of these items would need to match the size of the fan unit.

OK, so first on the list of accessories is this. This is the flexible aluminium ducting. This is going to be used to attach your fan unit to the next item on the list, and that is one of these. This is an external grill. This one in particular is the no resist backdraft grille, it's the one we would recommend you use with an installation such as this. Designed to reduce any drafts coming back through the system when the fan unit is turned off, but also made to minimise any resistance to the airflow from the fan unit. Finally, we are going to need to attach these together nice and securely, and for that you're going to need a couple of these which are duct clamps.

OK, so now that we've looked at all of the items needed for this installation, let's go one step further and look at how they all go together.

OK, let's look at how we're going to attach our fan unit to our flexible ducting. So the first thing we need to look at is the flexible ducting. This is going to need to be cut to the length required, so that's going from the fan unit through the thickness of your wall and on to the external grille. To do this, once you've got that measurement, you'll want to pull this out nice and taught like so, measure up the distance required and taking a pair of scissors and some snips to cut through this piece of wire here, cut that to length. Once that is done you can now attach this end to the fan. So, on the rear of the fan you have this section which is called the spigot. This part will slide into the ducting like so. You'll see I've already got the duct clamp on here and you'll see in here there is just a small screw here, this lug . And if you then take your screwdriver and tighten that until that is nice and tight on there and that will help secure the ducting to the fan unit. You're going to want to do exactly the same at the other end once this has been installed and it's through your wall, to attach your external grille as well. So let's take a look and see what that looks like once it's all put together.

OK, so once it's all been put together it's going to look a little bit like this. Obviously, you're not going to see this in the centre section, it's going to be in your wall. But you're going to go in from your fan unit, through the nice taught ducting in between, out to your external grille.

Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope it's been informative and has answered the question about all those additional items needed for this style of installation. All of the items that we've looked at today are on our website which is or please look in the description below for links to all of the products that we've shown.

Many thanks, we'll see you next time on Extractor Fan World

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