Vent-Axia VA100 Extractor Fan Range Overview

Vent-Axia VA100 Extractor Fan Range Overview

The Vent Axia VA100 has a long established reputation as one of the most reliable bathroom fans available.

Offering 90m3/hr extraction the VA100 has two initial options: mains 240 voltage for installation in zone 3 of the bathroom and the SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) version (12v) for installation in zones 1 and 2 of the bathroom.

The VA100 is suitable for wall or ceiling mounting and can also be used as a window fan in conjunction with the Vent Axia 254101 window kit. Each option offers 7 different operation functions and with the addition of thermal electric shutters on many of the units to help minimise backdrafts when not in use, the VA100 series covers all possible installation requirements for bathroom installations.

To top this off the range is also available in lo-carbon models that use just 3.4 watts, making the units extremely energy efficient whilst extracting at 74m3/h - that’s using less power than most LED lamps! With a 2 year warranty as standard and a 5 year motor warranty on the lo-carbon models, the Vent Axia VA100 is a tried, tested and trusted range from one of the UK’s most loved manufacturers.

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