Vent-Axia Solo Plus Range Overview

Vent-Axia Solo Plus Range Overview

The Solo Plus range from Vent-Axia has been specially designed for through the wall and ducted applications. The units are ideal for internal rooms with poor or no natural ventilation which have no external walls and require a fan that can cope with being installed on the end of a long duct run. The Solo Plus is designed for use in such circumstances and can be installed in a straight duct run of up to 5m while maintaining the maximum extraction rate due to its powerful centrifugal design. Available in a range of models including Standard, Lo-Carbon and low voltage options, and varying functions such as integral pullcord, over-run timer, humidistat and PIR sensor, the Solo Plus offers user-friendly design that ensures straightforward installation and maintenance. Moreover, these fans are built to last, ensuring reliability and longevity.

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The standard Solo Plus range has a choice of two boost/override motor speeds set at installation, Low Boost at 17 litres per second or high boost at 22 litres per second, with an optional constant trickle speed of 9 litres per second, also selectable at installation, except on the P model which is intermittent only. Depending on the model, the fan will switch from the trickle speed (if selected) to the selected boost speed via the pullcord, light switch, humidity sensor or PIR Sensor. The Lo-Carbon Solo Plus has an adjustable boost speed which is set at installation depending on whether the unit is being installed directly through a wall or on a longer duct run to meet Building Regulations, thus ensuring minimum energy usage and low sound levels. All models have an optional speed for constant trickle ventilation selectable at installation and again, similar to the standard Solo Plus range, the fan will switch from trickle (if selected) to boost via the pullcord, light switch, humidity sensor or PIR sensor depending on the model.

The Lo-Carbon Solo Plus S.E.L.V. low voltage models are designed for areas where a fan has to be fitted over or within Zone 1 and can be safely installed within the spray area. The S.E.L.V. unit is rated IPX7 and is supplied with a safety isolating transformer unit with 12V DC output, which is sited away from any source of spray and out of reach of a person using a fixed bath or shower. All models can be wall, panel or ceiling mounted, and the spigot can also be adjusted for sideways exhaust enabling recessed ceiling installations within limited ceiling voids using the optional flush mounting kit.

The Solo Plus range also features integral backdraught shutters and can take optional removable, washable filters for kitchen installations. The stand-out attribute of the range are as follows: Powerful Centrifugal Impeller Suitable For Longer Duct Runs Up To 5m Continuous Trickle Function IPX4 Suitable For Zone 1 Installations On RCD/RCBO Protected Circuits Increased to IPX7 On All SELV Models Washable Filters Available For Kitchen Installations Flush Mount Bezel Available For Ceiling Installations Integral Backdraft Shutters As Standard 2 Year Warranty Across All Models Lo-Carbon Models Include A 5 Year Motor Guarantee With the Vent Axia Solo Plus range, you can effectively improve indoor air quality in your space. These fans are versatile and reliable, making them a valuable addition to any ventilation system.

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