Silent Tornado dMEV

Silent Tornado dMEV

Introducing the ST100DMEVS and ST100DMEVHT from Tornado Fans.

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The new Silent Tornado dMEV models add two impressive constant flow units to the already popular Silent Tornado range of fans.

The ST100DMEVs are the most powerful Silent Tornado units to date with a top extraction rate of 126m3/h (35l/s) and protect your home against damp and mould issues with their fully adjustable constant flow trickle and boost speeds.


The units are discrete and stylish with a plain flat front cover and can be mounted in all bathroom zones as well as on walls and ceilings, unlike many of its contemporaries, of which most are unsuitable for ducted installations. 

In fact The ST100DMEV units can happily duct 5m - up to a maximum of 7m in a straight line! 

There are also two additional kits available, one that allows you to mount the fan through a window if needed and a conversion kit that allows you to retrofit the 4” unit into an existing 6” kitchen installation.

dMEV units provide continuous, low-level ventilation, ensuring a steady and controlled extraction of air, boosting to a high extraction rate when needed. 

The continuous nature of dMEVs helps maintain a healthier indoor environment by preventing the buildup of stale air and humidity and are especially good at controlling spaces that suffer from damp and mould issues.

The ST100DMEV units are similar to standard axial fans in size and can be discreetly installed, providing flexibility in terms of placement. 

This allows for effective ventilation solutions in various rooms without compromising aesthetics. 

For existing buildings, dMEV units can be a cost-effective solution for retrofitting ventilation systems to update and upgrade existing 4” intermittent extraction units. 

The ST100DMEV units have a startling array of adjustable settings to help you tailor your extraction to the specific needs of your installation.

The units are exceptionally energy efficient, using 1W at the lowest trickle speed and a maximum of 8.3W on the highest extraction speed.

To top this off, the units come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

So, if you are looking for a highly efficient extractor fan that is filled with easy to adjust settings and extremely effective at protecting your living environment look no further than the Silent Tornado dMEV range.