Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems are now a requirement of new build properties for correct maintenance of air quality in the home and to reduce damp, mould and condensation problems. Broadly they fall into two categories, Whole House Systems such as MVHR/MEV and individual units such as Single Room MVHR, PIV and Air Purifiers.

MVHR systems are designed to ventilate the house, whilst warming the incoming air thus avoiding heat loss. MEV or Mechanical Extract Ventilation is essentially a more powerful centrifugal extractor fan with up to 5 extract points, to handle multiple rooms in the house. PIV or Positive Input Ventilation is designed to provide fresh filtered air into the home from the loft space, and can be an extremely simple but standalone solution to reducing mould and condensation problems.

There are a raft of features and benefits associated with each type of solution and product. If you are unsure we recommend starting with our help guides, in our blog section Whole House Ventilation.


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