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Vent Axia Svara High Power Smart Extractor Fan 409802

Powerul Bathroom Fan App Controlled via smart phone or tablet
Silent Bathroom Fan Light, Humidity Sensor & Overrun Timer and delayed start
Extractor Fan Extremely powerful 4 inch axial fan - 110m3/hr (!)
cheap bathroom extractor fan Uses less energy than any equivalent bathroom fan - 4w
Extractor Fan Bathroom Zones Super quiet at only 17db(A) on Trickle and 20db(A) on boost
Extraction rate Wall or ceiling mounted

EFW Review 

Brand new to the market, the App controlled Vent Axia Svara is one of a kind. This unique fan offers a one stop fan for almost all installations and is one of the most interesting fans we've ever tested.

Built in to the stylish and contemporary fan casing you'll find a humidistat, overrun timer and light level sensor.
It's extremely quiet, with a noise level of only 20db(A) on it's high setting. In layman's terms, it's as quiet as a mouse.

Don't think that the silence means this fan isn't powerful, it packs mighty punch extracting 110 m3/hr or 30l/s which more than exceeds extraction levels for not only a bathroom, but also utility rooms. 

But perhaps its best feature is how easy it is to install, programme and maintain. The Svara app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store for free. Once installed you can tinker with every feature this fan has to offer, of which there are many. 

Light sensor
When the light sensor is enabled, Svara senses when someone is in the room and then activates. This sophisticated light sensor is triggered by light movement and shadows. It is possible to set a delayed start so the fan is not triggered during quick night time bathroom visits. The light sensor can also distinguish between headlight flashes from cars and room occupancy, so it is not triggered by passing cars, avoiding nuisance running. The sensitivity of the light sensor can be adjusted via the App.

Overrun Timer
The light sensor provides an overrun timer but only requires a live and neutral. This means that if you have a basic on/off fan installed in your home, you can upgrade without the need of an expensive re-wire.

Svara features a humidistat which reacts to sharp changes in humidity, for instance when someone is taking a shower. When set to continuous running, once the humidity sensor is activated, the fan runs at 30l/s until humidity returns to normal levels, then the fan powers down to 10l/s. Ambient humidity changes will not trigger the humidistat. It is possible to change the sensitivity of the humidity sensor via the App.

In summary, we highly recommend this fan! The Svara is one of the most powerful, most energy efficient and quietest four inch axial fans available from in the UK and if you love your gadgets, this is the fan for you.

Boost: 110m3/hr | 30L/s | 20dB(A)
High Trickle: 68m3/hr |19L/s | 17dB(A)
Low Trickle: 36m3/hr | 10L/s | 17dB(A)     
Diameter Ø: 177mm
Projection: 60mm
Spigot Depth : 21mm
Spigot Diameter : 99mm

To Install This Fan...
You will need the following, all available from the accessories list below:
1 x Length of flexible aluminium ducting. (sold by the metre)
2 x Duct clamps (optional, but recommended)
1 x Back draft shutter
1 x Fixed external grille - available in white, grey or brown

Video Transcript
Ap control is becoming more and more common these days, with heating, lighting, home security and music systems just a few of the things that can now be controlled from the comfort of your sofa via you phone or tablet. Some don't even require you to be in the house at all.

The Vent Axia Svara is a bathroom extractor fan that, you guessed it, is controllable via an app on your smartphone or tablet. What could you possibly need that for? I hear you cry. Well, it's actually a pretty neat idea, allow me to demonstrate. Let start with the unit itself:-
  • A powerful unit at 110m3/h but it's the very low noise level of 20 decibels that makes the Svara one of the quietest fans ever.
  • Triggered either by Humidistat, sensing the moisture in the air or Light Sensor which triggers the fan to boost when the light in the room is switched on. The fan then runs via timer for a set amount of time. The light sensor is calibrated to only activate when the light in the room is turned on so no nuisance tripping from car headlights or the like.
  • This does mean there is no need for a switched live to trigger the timer function, only a live and neutral are required. This makes the Svara particularly useful as an alternative for a pullcord or basic on/ off fan without the need for costly rewiring and building work.

Let's take a look at the app:

  • Although control is possible via the app, it is more meant for initial set up of the fan, it is also useful for landlords whose tenants like to tamper with extractor fans to adjust their running. Not here, set the fan how you want it, and leave. 
  • The big boost button at the top will set the fan to full power, no matter what the fan is doing, for 15 minutes.
  • With the sensors off, you can adjust the trickle rate of the fan from 41% of full power to 70%. You can also set the trickle to work on weekends or weekdays, or both.
  • Turning the sensors on.. allows you to the adjust the light sensor/ timer settings and the Humidistat settings. The light sensor settings allow the fan to run from 70% to 88% of full power, turn the sensor on or off, adjust the sensitivity of the sensor and how long the timer will run for once activated, from 5 to 60 minutes. There is also a 5 and 10 minute delay start function if you're only popping in to the bathroom briefly.
  • The Humidistat settings allow the fan to run from 88% to full power and also give low, medium and high sensitivity options.
  • There are also settings to adjust silent running hours so that during that time the fan will not trigger to boost ie overnight, and also automatic cycles. These can be triggered every 12 hours and run the fan at full power for 30, 60 and 90 minutes.
VentAxia Svara 409802 4 Inch Bathoom Intelligent Extractor Fan
£119.81 inc vat
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