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Vent Axia 403835 12v SELV Lo Carbon Tempra LT Heat Recovery Extractor Fan + Timer Long Heat Exchange

The Vent Axia Tempra is a single room heat recovery unit. It replaces stale air with fresh air that has been heated by the process of heat exchange. So efficient is this process that up to 74% of the heat from the extracted air is reclaimed.

The Tempra may be used as a continuous ventilation unit through use of the 'Trickle' setting, or as a standard intermittent extractor fan. If used continuously, the trickle flow rate of 6L/s can be boosted to 21L/s at times of increased load during, for example, shower or bath time.

The Low Voltage 12v (SELV) Tempra LT 403835 model is suitable for Installation in Zone 1 of the Bathroom. It has an integral over-run timer adjustable on install up to 20 minutes. It has been specifically designed for installation in thicker walls.

Trickle Low 6 L/s / 21.6m3/hr
Trickle High 9 L/s / 32.4m3/hr
Boost 15L/s / 54m3/hr

Heat recovery is the collection and re-use of heat arising from any process that would otherwise be lost. Heat recovery can help to reduce overall energy consumption whilst providing useful heat for other purposes.

The Lo Carbon Tempra T 444369 Features:
- 74% of the heat from extracted air goes back into the incoming fresh air.
- high performance, low energy ECDC motor that can run on as little as 2w, representing a 90% energy saving on traditional intermittent extractor fans.
- Uses standard 4 inch ducting and will replace an existing four inch fan.
- Continuous or intermittent flow rates: Air flows can be set to quiet, low speed continuous rates or high speed intermittent boost rates.
- Low energy consumption, low noise.
- Complies with Building Regulations Part F 2010 Mechanical Ventilation.
- Complies with Building Regulations Part L 2010: Low energy consumption
- Summer Setting helps keep you cool by closing off the intake from outside, reducing the amount of warm air entering the dwelling.
Vent Axia 403835 Lo Carbon SELV Tempra LT Extractor Fan & Timer
RRP: £374.49
£321.54 inc vat
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