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245m3/hr Extraction rate Powerful extraction rate - 300m3/hr
Mixed Flow Impeller Install in the ceiling void. No decorating in the bathroom!
Best Inline extractor fan Quick and easy to install - No electrics in bathroom.
Inline Ceiling Duct Extractor Fan Duct from directly above the bath or shower
Turbo Tube Inline duct fan 245m3/hr Very Quiet - 24db(A)
Turbo Tube inline extractor fan review 5 Year Warranty
Turbo Tube inline extractor fan review Integral overrun timer
Technical Data:
- Max Flow Rate: 300m3/hr
- Max Flow Rate: 83 L/s
- Noise : 24dB(A)
- Watts : 24w
- Spigot diameter: 97mm
- Overall Length: 302mm
- Overall Width: 195mm
- Height: 226mm

Extractor Fan World Review of the Turbo Tube

This fan is so good we made a film about it! Watch our Turbo Tube video review.

At 300m3/h, the Turbo Tube is the most powerful 4 inch fan available and is perfect for all domestic bathrooms. Indeed, its extraction rate is almost three times that of the best surface mounted axial fan! It is also quiet and being installed in the loft above the bathroom, is totally hidden from view - The only visible part in the bathroom is a discrete flush mounted 4 inch circular grille.

Ducting an extractor fan to the outside world can be problematic. Indeed all wall mounted axial fans require the chopping of a four inch hole in your bathroom wall! ..Not so for the Turbo Tube, which is usually ducted to a convenient place, totally out of sight, in your soffit. Using 'mixed flow' technology, which combines the features of both axial and centrifugal impellers, it generates greater pressure and can thus cope with long duct runs of up to 20 metres without significant loss of power. This gives total flexibility in installation allowing you to site the fan in the optimum place for extracting, ducting, mounting, and electrical connections.

It is also suitable for installations in which dust and grime can cause problems for other fans - such as commercial kitchens or workshops. The Turbo Tube, uniquely features a removable chassis - permitting easy maintenance and cleaning.

This model features an integral over-run timer which turns the fan off after a set period, once you have switched it off. This ensures all steam and moisture is removed form the bathroom. The timer is adjustable from 3 to 25 minutes. We would always recommend the user of a timer version over a standard model. 

There are quite literally hundreds of extractor fans on the market... but you needn't look any further! The Turbo Tube is the best fan we've ever tested. It beats any wall mounted axial fan hands down and is more powerful than any other inline fan. 

Installing the Turbo Tube Inline Duct Fan

You will need the following, all available from the accessories list below:
1 x Length of flexible aluminium ducting (sold by the metre)
1 x Internal back draught shutter
4 x Duct clamps
1 x Circular internal grille
1 x Fixed external grille - available in white, grey or brown
1 x Condensation trap (If the fan and duct are fitted vertically)

 An inline fan is installed in the loft or ceiling void above the bathroom (or kitchen etc). Ducting is attached to each end of the fan with one length going to an internal grille in the ceiling of the bathroom and the other going to a grille on the external wall, soffit or roof.
Inline Extractor Fan Installation Guide
Duct clamps are used to connect the ducting to each end of the fan and to the spigot of each of the grilles. The back draught shutter may be installed anywhere in the exhaust ducting - that is to say, the ducting which runs from the fan to the outside grille, but is usually situated as near to the outside grille as possible. It's worth pointing out, that the backdraught shutter must be fitted the right way round!

Unlike a wall mounted fan that is installed in the bathroom; an inline fan sits out of sight, within the run of ducting in the loft or ceiling. This offers the following benefits:  
  • No coring through brickwork required, just a simple 4 inch hole in the ceiling that is covered by a discrete grille. 
  • It's easy to install - in the attic, ceiling void or loft space - there are no electrics for the fan in your bathroom at all.
  • This means there is no making good to be done when the job is finished. No plastering, painting or re-tiling  
The fan can be mounted anywhere along the duct run - wherever is most suitable for wiring connections and secure mounting. Ducting is then connected onto both ends of the fan, one for the input side and the other for the exhaust side, totalling your full duct run length. 

To prevent air coming back into the room via the duct run, an in-line backdraft shutter is fitted somewhere in the duct run. Either on the exhaust end of the fan, within the run of duct held in place by a duct clamp, or at the exterior grille for example.

Exit to outside requires a grille We recommend the Energy Saver No Resist Backdraft Grille - which prevents backdraughts without adding resistance to the ducting system. Internally, a grille is fitted on the ceiling. To ensure the ducting system is entirely air tight - which maximises the efficiency of the fan - we recommend the use of duct clamps when attaching the ducting to the spigots of the fan and grilles.

In summary, the Turbo Tube is not only the best inline duct fan, but in our expert opinion, it is the best all round fan available. If you have loft space above the bathroom and if your installation allows, the Turbo Tube inline fan is the best extraction solution. Also available in 'Timer' version.

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