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Individual Duct Clamp for Four Inch Ducting.

If you're using flexible ducting you should also be using duct clamps.

Once the ducting has been fitted around the spigots of both the fan and the grille the duct clamp is fastened around the ducting and tightened.

Ensuring that the ducting is tightly fitted to the spigots gurantees that it will not become detached from either the fan or grille over time. It also ensures that the ducting makes one unified ventiation system without air leaks between the extractor fan and grilles.

Remember, if you are purchasing an inline fan, you will need four duct clamps: one for each end of the fan and one each for the internal and external grilles. If you are installing an inline backdraft grille you will need an additional two clamps.


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Duct Clamp for 4 inch 100mm Ducting and Spigots

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