Vent-Axia Tempra Heat Recovery Range Overview

Vent-Axia Tempra Heat Recovery Range Overview

The Lo Carbon Tempra range of heat recovery fans from Vent-Axia. Heat recovery is the collection and re-use of heat arising from any process that would otherwise be lost.

Many people worry about the loss of heat from their homes - especially in winter months - through their extractor fans when in use. The Tempra range combats this by not only extracting air but bringing fresh air back into the property whilst recovering up to 75% of the heat lost through extraction.


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Usually used as a continuous running fan with a trigger to boost, the Lo-Carbon Tempra will extract steam and moisture like a normal extractor fan, but also draws fresh air back in via a specially constructed heat exchanger mounted through the wall. This fresh air, heated by the reclaimed warmth from the extracted air on its way out, replaces the extracted air and any heat lost at the aforementioned 75% efficiency rate.

The heat recovery function can be switched off for the summer months creating a standard extract only function and the fan can also be run as a boost only fan without the trickle function engaged. The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Tempra’s unique heat exchanger is designed to fit in a 100mm diameter hole and is suitable for refurbished properties in kitchen, bathroom, toilet or utility rooms. The Tempra is available as standard 240v or as a 12v SELV option and in three models, a P version with pullcord control, a T version with overrun timer and an HTP version with built-in pullcord, overrun timer and humidistat. Two spigot lengths are available; 320mm and 460mm, the choice depending on the thickness of your wall.

The longer version of the Tempra is designed for installations where the wall thickness is between 321mm and 460mm - these models are identified by an ‘L’. The Tempra can be set to run continuously at 6 l/s or 9 l/s, boosting up to 15 l/s, recovering heat from extracted air and returning it to the dwelling. For intermittent extract the Tempra is set to the maximum 15 l/s. The unit also meets the Building Regulations performance requirements for continuous extract fans. The Tempra is also designed so that the replacement air being introduced is at a reduced rate ensuring that the room being ventilated is still under a slight negative pressure. This ensures that fresh air is brought into the room from the rest of the house preventing humid air migrating. The Lo-Carbon EC/DC motor with twin impellers consumes as little as 3.2 Watts on trickle rate and runs almost silently at only 20dB(A).

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