Vent-Axia Silhouette Bathroom & Kitchen Extractor Fan Range Overview

Vent-Axia Silhouette Bathroom & Kitchen Extractor Fan Range Overview

The Vent-Axia Silhouette range of Extractor Fans are a stylish and highly efficient ventilation solution. The 100mm/4” units are specifically designed for bathrooms.

Its slim design seamlessly integrates into any bathroom décor while effectively eliminating humidity, odours, and pollutants from the air. Thanks to its quiet yet powerful operation, this extractor fan creates a peaceful bathroom environment that is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

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Its compact size allows for flexible installation options, and it is available in various models in 240v, lo-carbon and SELV options to accommodate different bathroom installations and ventilation requirements.

The 150mm/6” kitchen units not only share the stylish notes of its smaller sibling, but also come equipped with thermo-electric shutters that open when the unit is in use and close to minimise backdrafts when the unit is not in use, and with an extraction rate of 67l/s the kitchen units perform well and above the extraction requirements to meet building regulations.

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