Vent-Axia ACM Inline Extractor Fan Range Overview

Vent-Axia ACM Inline Extractor Fan Range Overview

 The ACM series of inline fans from Vent Axia Vent Axia has long been regarded as the industry standard for extractor fans and the ACM inline range is no exception. Their superb build quality marries decent extraction rates with extremely low noise levels. Indeed the ACM series is one of the quietest inline ranges available.

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The ACM units utilise a 'mixed-flow' impeller, allowing it to develop much higher air pressures in the chassis. This makes it considerably more powerful than equivalent axial fans and means that it can push air along longer duct runs - up to 10m. With an extremely compact and lightweight rotatable chassis, the ACM range is perfect for installation in loft spaces and ceiling voids. The range is available in 4”/100mm, 5”/125mm, 6”/150mm and  8”/200mm models as either basic on/off function or with built in over-run timer function. In addition to this, the range offers two commercial spec units, the 9”/250mm and 12”/315mm basic on/off units. The non-timer ACM units may be operated by a remote humidistat module shown here which is installed in the bathroom to trigger the fan if humidity rises above the set trigger point.

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