Silent Tornado dMEV features, benefits and setup.

Silent Tornado dMEV features, benefits and setup.

The new Silent Tornado dMEV models add two impressive constant flow units to the already popular Silent Tornado range of fans.

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The ST100DMEVs are the most powerful Silent Tornado units to date with a top extraction rate of 126m3/h (35l/s) and protect your home against damp and mould issues with their fully adjustable constant flow trickle and boost speeds.

The units are discrete and stylish with a plain flat front cover and can be mounted in all bathroom zones as well as on walls and ceilings, unlike many of its contemporaries, of which most are unsuitable for ducted installations.

In fact, The ST100DMEV units can happily duct 5m - up to a maximum of 7m in a straight line!


To view the Tornado dMEV Range Click Here

There are also two additional kits available, one that allows you to mount the fan through a window if needed and a conversion kit that allows you to retrofit the 4” unit into an existing 6” kitchen installation.

So what is the advantage to a constant flow dMEV fan?

Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) offers several advantages over traditional intermittent extractor fans.

dMEV units provide continuous, low-level ventilation, ensuring a steady and controlled extraction of air, boosting to a high extraction rate when needed.

The continuous nature of dMEVs helps maintain a healthier indoor environment by preventing the buildup of stale air and humidity and are especially good at controlling spaces that suffer from damp and mould issues.

The ST100DMEV units are designed to operate quietly.

The continuous and low-level extraction contributes to reduced noise compared to traditional intermittent extractor fans such as inline fans that may produce more noticeable running sounds when running.

This feature is particularly advantageous in residential settings such as en suite bathrooms, promoting a quieter and more comfortable living environment whilst maximising protection against damp and mould issues that some intermittent units can struggle with.

The ST100DMEV units are similar to standard axial fans in size and can be discreetly installed, providing flexibility in terms of placement.

This allows for effective ventilation solutions in various rooms without compromising aesthetics.

For existing buildings, dMEV units can be a cost-effective solution for retrofitting ventilation systems to update and upgrade existing 4” intermittent extraction units.

Their compact design and adaptability make them suitable for installations in bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens or other areas where ventilation improvement is needed whilst hitting building regulation standards.

This retrofitting capability enhances their appeal for homeowners looking to upgrade ventilation without extensive renovations.

The ST100DMEV units have a startling array of adjustable settings to help you tailor your extraction to the specific needs of your installation.

With a simple but highly effective interface, the fan allows you to easily programme the following parameters:

TR1 - allows you to choose the extraction rate of the trickle flow.

The lowest speed option is 5l/s and can be increased in increments of 1 l/s up to a maximum of 30 l/s - or 5 l/s less than the set speed of the boost extraction rate.

This can also be set to zero which puts the fan to a standard intermittent mode - only turning on to the boost speed when operated.

BST - this setting allows you to set the top boosted speed of the fan.

Same as the trickle setting, this parameter is also increased in increments of 1 l/s up to a maximum of 35 l/s and as low as the speed set for the trickle mode.

These two parameters allow you to adjust the extraction rates to suit your specific needs; whether it is setting your trickle speed to meet specific extraction rates set by building regulations for bathrooms, utility rooms or kitchens; setting trickle speeds for a higher extraction level for problematic spaces struggling with damp and mould issues, or to find a happy medium between perceivable running noise and extraction speed for the boosted setting, the ST100DMEV allows for complete extraction rate customisation.

B - On the ST100DMEVHT model, this setting allows you to set the boost over-run timer between zero for no over-run up to 30 minutes

H - On the ST100DMEVHT model, this parameter allows you to set the sensitivity of the Humidity sensor for automatic triggering.

The humidity percentage range can be set between 40% and 90% in increments of 5% humidity.

F - This mode controls the fan speed depending on the type of installation.

For example, if the fan is installed directly through a wall or window, the fan should be in F-0 mode.

If the fan is installed on a duct run, i.e. on a ceiling with a ducted distance to the external vent, the unit should be set to F-1

- this adjusts the fan speed to make sure the extraction rate is maintained against the additional back pressure resistance produced through the longer ducting distance.

F-2 enables the Constant Volume Technology.

This mode utilises the in-built UKAS accredited calibrated airflow sensor which automatically adjusts the fan speed to maintain the desired airflow against changing backdrafts and back pressure working against the extraction.

For example, this will maintain an extraction rate set at 20l/s on a windy day where the extraction point is buffeted with gusts of wind by increasing and decreasing the fan motor speed to compensate for the effect of the changes in airflow pressure in the duct.

C-Y/N - This parameter sets the comfort mode.

When disabled - C-N - the fan will boost as soon as the light switch is turned on and will over-run for the set period of time on the over-run timer when the light is switched off before returning to the trickle speed.

When enabled - C-Y - the fan will remain on trickle (or off if set to intermittent mode) when the light is turned on.

Once the light switch is turned off the fan will then boost for the length of time the light was on for up to a maximum of 20 minutes followed by the set over-run timer duration before returning to the trickle speed.

This allows for relaxing bathing with the fan remaining on the more discrete trickle setting and then playing catch-up once you are finished.

If the light is activated for less than 3 minutes - i.e. a short visit to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the fan will not boost once the light is turned off to prevent nuisance triggering.

R-Y/N - This setting rotates the screen so that when the cover is replaced onto the unit, the screen can be read through the prism mounted in the unit cover from below - A useful reference window that allows you to check current settings without removing the main unit cover.

The units are exceptionally energy efficient, using 1W at the lowest trickle speed and a maximum of 8.3W on the highest extraction speed.

To top this off, the units come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

So, if you are looking for a highly efficient extractor fan that is filled with easy to adjust settings and extremely effective at protecting your living environment look no further than the Silent Tornado dMEV range.

If you're wondering what is the best dMEV Extractor fan read through our blog post or watch our in-depth video below.

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