Envirovent Silent Fan & Silent Design Range Overview

Envirovent Silent Fan & Silent Design Range Overview

The Envirovent Silent Fan & Silent Design Range is available in 4”/100mm Bathroom models, 5”/125mm Utility room models and 6”/150mm Kitchen models, the Silent fan range comes in an impressive array of functions and voltages including over-run timer, humidistat, PIR passive Infra-Red and in the 4”/100mm bathroom models, options for both standard mains voltage or 12v models.

All the models in the range are IP45 rated for safe installation in bathroom zones 1 and 2 and with their sleek, unobtrusive design the silent range caters for those who want a more powerful fan in their bathroom by utilising the 5 and 6 inch models for their installation. The bathroom, utility room and kitchen models are not only quiet but punch well above the mark for building regulations in regards to extraction rates at 26, 50 and 78 l/s respectively.

Click Here to browse through the Envirovent Silent Fan range

Click Here to browse through the Envirovent Silent Design Fan range


In addition to this, Envirovent also offers the Silent Design range. These units share the same technology under the hood but are supplied with the more aesthetically pleasing flat front grille cover. These stylish grille options are also available in varying finishes as optional extras for the SILDES100 range of bathroom fans.

I’ve always wanted to say this in a video… But wait… There’s more! The silent range also includes the continuous running Silent Dual 100. This unit has dual trigger functions with both Humidistat and Passive Infra-Red sensor and works as a dMEV unit.

It continuously vents on a low speed trickle extraction of 25m3/h, triggering with either a rise in humidity or movement detected in the vicinity to a higher extraction rate of 65m3/h or boosted further to 95m3/h if a sharp rise in humidity is registered.

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