Envirovent MEV Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

Envirovent MEV Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

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Introducing the versatile, compact and high performance MEV160 and MEV300 Mechanical Extract Ventilation systems from Envirovent.

MEV units are designed to provide multi room continuous ventilation with a single exit duct for improved indoor air quality and with airflow rates up to 75 l/s (270 m3/hr) and 103 l/s (370m3/h) respectively, the MEV160 and 300 models are ideal for houses, apartments and other communal residences, such as care homes and student accommodation.


The range is housed in an extremely low profile enclosure at just 16cm, allowing for installation in tight ceiling voids. And at just 5 kg, the units can be mounted in any orientation on floors, ceilings and walls, making difficult installations even easier! On top of that, the easy push-button commissioning pad enables the installer to correctly set the required airflow rate quickly and effectively.

Constructed widely out of recyclable materials to reduce the impact on landfill, the MEV range is designed to ensure that components can easily be replaced if needed and incorporates a backward curved centrifugal fan that uses a highly efficient DC motor meaning a Low Specific Fan Power of just 0.19 W/l/s. Designed to extract from multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture-laden air from Kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and living spaces whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms, the units are ideal for applications up to Kitchen plus 6 additional wet rooms.

The range is fitted with an Intellitrac humidity tracking sensor as standard, which constantly monitors the humidity level, meaning no user intervention is required. The units can also be installed with a wired boost control via a switched live or a wireless remote control option if desired. The range is also compatible with the AirSens Air Quality Sensors which can detect and control levels of Carbon dioxide, Volatile organic compounds and relative humidity. Installation can be achieved with either solid, semi-rigid or flexible 125mm/5” diameter ducting and each unit is supplied with three extract spigots - more can be purchased if needed depending on your installation needs.

If you want an energy efficient, compact and no-nonsense multiple extraction point unit for your home, Check out the MEV160 and MEV300 units from Envirovent on

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