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What Is The Best Extractor Fan For A Bathroom

What Is The Best Extractor Fan For My Bathroom? 

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“Hi, welcome to extractor fan world TV. My name's Matt and in this video I will be looking at the best types of extractor fan for a bathroom.

The best option by far is to install an inline extractor fan.  These units are very powerful due to their larger size, generating a far superior extraction rate.  Due to their size they will need to be installed in a loft space or ceiling void above the bathroom.  This in turn makes for a much simpler installation process as there will be no need of wiring work in your bathroom which could create the need to redecorate, just the installation of an internal extraction grille in the ceiling.  Because the unit is not in the bathroom, you can place the extraction point in any zone in the bathroom, for example, directly above the shower.  Inline fans can be installed to work with your light switch with basic models switching on and off with the light or timer models which can over-run after the light is switched off.  Some inline fans can work with remote humidistat sensors which would need to be installed in the bathroom. This sensor will trigger the fan when the humidity in the room rises above a pre-set level.  These fans can duct happily up to 10 metres

If you don't have the space to install an inline fan, the best option is to install an axial fan through an external wall.  Axial fans can come with a range of trigger functions including timers like the inline fans but also humidistats and PIR models, the latter which are triggered by movement a bit like security lights.  Some axial units can also be ceiling mounted on a short duct run, no more than 4 - 5 metres.  It is worth noting that mains voltage fans can only be mounted in zone 3 of your bathroom unless like​this fan they have a rating of IP45, allowing it also to be installed in any bathroom zone. There are also options for 12v units using a step down transformer that can be placed in any zone aswell.  Again, axial fans can be wired with your light switch to activate and deactivate the unit. There are options for units with integral pull cords where they can be installed independantly of the light switch if desired.  Although these units are not as powerful as inline fans, they are a fantastic option for the majority of bathroom requirements.

Thanks for watching, I hope this video has been informative and we look forward to seeing you again here on Extractor Fan World TV.”

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