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VentAxia 459125 VA150HP Low Energy Kitchen Fan + Humidistat

Kitchen Setting
Extraction m3/hr : 230m3/hr
Extraction L/s : 64L/s
Noise : 36dB(A)
Wattage : 11.5w
Utility Setting
Extraction m3/hr : 160m3/hr
Extraction L/s : 46 L/s
Noise : 33dB(A)
Wattage : 7.5w

The Vent Axia 459125 VA150HP may be mounted in either walls, panels or windows. To install in a window, the window kit, 140901A, is also required. See "You May Also Need..." below.

- Reduces your carbon footprint.
- Long life LoWatt motor lasts 5 times longer than conventional motors.
- Up to 60% energy saving.
- Meets current building regulations when installed.
- IP44 rated.
- Low sound levels.
- 5 Year Guarantee on the motor.
- Suitable for wall, panel, window ducted applications.
- Unique patented instant electric opening shutter with positive closure.
- 2 speeds selectable at installation

Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon VA150 fans feature LoWatt long life DC energy saving motors that last 5 times longer than conventional motors, whilst delivering up to 60% energy savings. The extended life of Lo-Carbon fans is due to the use of a new generation of high quality electronically controlled ball-bearing motors especially developed for this range. The motors are perfectly designed for the wet conditions of utility rooms and kitchens, extracting stale,moisture-laden air quietly and efficiently.

Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon VA150 fans have instant shutters using patented Integral Magnetronic Control (IMC) technology ensuring that the fan is only open to the outside world when it is working - with no extra power used to operate the shutter. This means that the only air to escape is the air extracted. When the fan stops the shutter closes firmly, until the fan operates again.
VentAxia 459125 VA150HP 2 Speed Low Energy Kitchen Fan + Humidistat
RRP: £350.33
£221.48 inc vat
3 - 5 Working Day Lead Time

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