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Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic Advance S 405215 Whole House MVHR Unit

The Vent Axia Sentinel Advance represents the next generation in whole house heat recovery ventilation. No other domestic MVHR unit on the market offers such a high level of functionality and control. With a huge range of bolt on modules and accessories including flow meters, humidity and temperature sensors and G3, F7 and M5 filters, the Sentinel advance may be configured to meet the most demanding system requirements and can be installed in every type of UK dwelling regardless of the outside environment - even highly urbanised areas where pollutants are prevalent.

Vent Axia have also focused attention on the installation process making a number of improvements that reduce both install time and cost. The Sentinel Advance is extremely lightweight and offers both touch screen and wireless commissioning. 

The unit offers a Summer Bypass as standard which uniquely has three modes of operation: Normal, Evening Fresh and Night Time Fresh, offering different cooling and noise levels. The Summer Bypass does not offer enough cooling to replace an air cooling system but can make significant contributions during night time hours.

Of course, the Sentinel Advance offers exceptional extraction performance with a maximum (FID) of 115L/s or 414 m3/hr. The default flow rates for the four settings are:
20% : 15 l/s (54 m3 /h)
30% : 25 l/s (90 m3 /h)
40% : 40 l/s (144 m3 /h)
50% : 90 l/s (324 m3 /h)

Sentinel Advance Pressure and Extraction Curve

The unit is designed for continuous ventilation, extracting stale moist air from bathrooms, toilets, utility rooms and kitchens. As the stale air is extracted, a heat exchange cube transfers up to 93% of the waste air’s room temperature into the fresh, supply air entering the bedrooms and lounge, providing significant savings on household heating costs, whilst maintaining excellent air quality.

Sentinel Advance S Extract / Exhaust diagram

Vent Axia Sentinel Advance Modules and Accessories:
• 472703 WIFI Controller Accessory - The WIFI controller is a plug & play accessory that fits next to the Control module. This offers the user instant access to various functions and features for direct monitoring and control of the unit using a smart phone or tablet via the Vent-Axia app.
• 472693 Ventwise PCB Accessory - The optional Ventwise controller has four inputs. These can be used for sensing temperature rise in a bath/shower hot water supply and/or current in a cooker/hob electrical circuit to activate boost, ensuring additional ventilation when needed.
• 472697 Input Switch PCB Accessory - The optional Input Switch Accessory offers four volt free pairs of switch terminals for sensor inputs to allow boosting from a full range of Vent-Axia controllers e.g. humidistats, PIRs, and timers.
• 472699 LS2/3 PCB Accessory - The optional LS2/3 Accessory offers two extra switched live inputs for boosting via light switches (220- 240V ac) or Normal/Boost switches. This connection has the advantage of Delay and Over-run features. Delay enables prevention of boost airflow between 0 and 20 minutes, and Over-run enables boost airflow to continue after the light switch has been turned off for up to 30 minutes. This allows effective clearance of stale air or humidity.
• 472701 - Analogue I/O PCB Accessory. The Analogue I/O Accessory has two terminals with 0-24V outputs to allow 0V – 10V control by sophisticated controllers such as CO2 sensors and proportional humidistats.
• 472695 - Power heater PCB Accessory. The optional Power heater PCB Accessory allows a means of control for any external pre heaters fitted to the unit.

Vent Axia Sentinel Advance Dimensions

Sentinel Advance Summary:
• Ultra quiet
• Touch screen controller
• Lightweight for easier installation
• 100% Summer bypass
• WiFi connectivity option
• Wireless commissioning
• Pre-commissioning via USB
• App control option
• Left/Right handing through the controller
• Pre-heater option for cold climates
• Post-heater control option
• Developed and manufactured in the UK
• G3, M5 and F7 filter options
Vent Axia 405215 Sentinel Kinetic Advance S Whole House MVHR Unit
RRP: £2,205.00
£1,777.87 inc vat
3-5 Working Day Delivery

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