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Vent Axia Multi Vent Video Review

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Hi There!! Welcome back to Extractor Fan World TV.

In this video, we're going to take a look at centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation and the Multi-Vent systems available from Vent Axia.

So what is MEV? Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation, a system that extracts from an entire dwelling via vents in multiple rooms. Mounted in either the loft or a cupboard, an MEV unit draws stale and moist air from the kitchen and bathroom on a constant trickle with a switch up to boost when required. Fresh air is then drawn in to the dwelling via air bricks or window vents in rooms where no extraction is taking place, like living rooms and bedrooms.

All this together works to remove air pollutants and moisture from your entire home, helping to create and maintain a healthier living environment.

Vent Axia's Multivent unit comes in various different guises to best suit your own requirements, lets take a look at it.

  • Available in 4 different models, with 2 versions of each model, one with humidistat and one without – The MV250 which is the basic 3 speed version, controllable by a switch or external sensor. The Lo-Carbon MVDC which is fitted with a long life low consumption motor, as is the MVDC-MS which is the same as before but fitted with adjustable potentiometers to fine tune the extraction rates of each setting. Next is the Sentinel Multivent MEV, Lo-Carbon motors again but with a huge list of features including LCD Display, automatic sensor detection, optional wireless control, mains and SELV connections plus countless extra settings to fine tune the sentinel to your home, also available in a Plus version that boasts 30% more extraction power.

All of these units can be controlled with various different switches and controllers from Vent Axia to  make the Multivent whole house extractor a very versatile domestic and commercial simultaneous extractor.

Thanks so much for watching, see you again next time on Extractor Fan World TV.

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