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Vent Axia ACM315 12 Inch Inline Fan 17112010

Vent Axia ACM315
Vent Axia 17112010 12 Inch Inline Duct Fan

Air Extraction m3/hr : 2350m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 653L/s
Noise : 56dB @ 3m
Watts : 270W

The ACM315 is a very powerful inline duct fan designed for use in small commercial applications. Featuring a large 12 inch impeller the ACM315 offers 2350 metres cubed per hour or 653 litres per second extraction rate.

Typical installations would include small sports changing rooms, cafes and restaurants.The maximum noise leve of 56d(B) is incredibly quiet for a fan of this size and power and will not disturb customers during normal activity.

Install in the ceiling void and duct to the extraction point which can be directly above the principle source of vapour or odour, thus extracting steam and stale air at source, preventing condensation and bad smells. The exhaust end of the inline fan is ducted to the outside world and terminated with an exterior grille. Use in conjunction with standard 12 inch ducting, grilles and accessories.

The ACM315 17112010 is of typically high Vent Axia build quality and will offer years of continuous service.

Vent Axia ACM315 12 Inch Inline Mixed Flow Fan 17112010
RRP: £563.52
£419.99 inc vat
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