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Vent Axia ACM150T Six Inch Inline Fan with Timer 17106020

Vent Axia ACM150T
Vent Axia 17106020 6 Inch 150mm In Line Fan with Timer

Air Extraction : 558m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 155 L/s
Noise : 35dB @ 3m
Watts : 48W

Vent Axia's ACM150T is a very high quality, extremely powerful six inch inline fan with integral over-run timer. Housed in the ceiling void or loft above the bathroom (or kitchen or utility) the ACM150T is very easy and quick to install and offers the benefit of keeping all electrics out of the room you're extracting from. 

Attach ducting to each end of the unit. From the 'extract' outlet you duct to the point in the ceiling form where you wish to extract. In the case of a bathroom this can be directly above the shower or bath, thus extracting steam at source. The 'exhaust' end is ducted to the outside world - usually at the soffit.  

Vent Axia state that the ACM range can be ducted up to 50m. Such long duct runs are achievable thanks to its use of 'mixed flow' technology which combines the characteristics of both axial and centrifugal impeller fans which generates greater air pressures. Please note that it is always better to keep duct runs and bends to a minimum thus decreasing air pressure in the duct run and improving performance of the fan. In other words, duct to the nearest exhaust point.

We recommend the use of the 'Energy Saver' back draught grille and an internal back draught shutter. Using these two ventilation accessories will entirely stop any nasty draughts coming back into the bathroom without impeding the fan's performance.

The use of a humidistat is not possible with this model. If you want your fan to be activated by humidity please look at the ACM150 in conjunction with a VENT AXIA 563550A humidistat & timer.

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Vent Axia ACM150T Six Inch Inline Fan with Timer Mixed Flow 17106020
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