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Vent Axia 443176 SELV Lo-Carbon Centra HT with Humidistat & Timer

Vent Axia 443176 Lo-Carbon Centra
Zone 1 SELV 12v Continuous Bathroom Extractor Fan with Humidistat & Timer

Specification Boost

Air Extraction L/s : 15 L/s
Noise : 25.2dB(A)
Wattage : 2.4w

Specification Trickle
Air Extraction L/s : 6 L/s
Noise : 10.8dB(A)
Wattage : 1.4w

The Vent Axia 443176 SELV 12v Lo-Carbon Centra is designed for use in zone 1 of internal bathrooms and wet rooms where natural ventilation is poor or restricted. With an innovative 'Trickle' function, which provides 'continuous ventilation' the Centra keeps rooms and properties ventilated at a rate of 6L/s using only 1.4w! ...It's like having the window open without the cold air or security risk!

The Centra will then switch to boost and work as a normal extractor fan when the bathroom is in use and steam is being created. This particular model features a humidistat, which operates the fan when humidity reaches a pre-set level and over run timer, which will switch the fan off after a set period. (after humidity has fallen below the pre-set level). This ensures all residual air moisture and odour have been removed.

The 443176 is a 12v SELV low voltage extractor fan suitable for installation in zone 1 of the bathroom.
Vent Axia 443176 SELV Lo-Carbon Centra + Humidistat & Timer
RRP: £231.04
£146.26 inc vat
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