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Vent Axia 436064 SELV 12v VA100XHTP Extractor Fan with Timer, Humidistat, PullCord & Shutters



Air Extraction : 74m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 21 L/s
Noise : 32dB(A)
Watts : 3.4W

Using just 3.4w - less than most LED lamps - the Lo Cabon VA100XHTP is an extremely energy efficient extractor fan. Suitable for installation all UK bathroom zones, the SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage 12v) Lo Carbon VA100LP is supplied complete with 12v SELV transformer. It boasts a long life DC motor, which comes with a five year guarantee.

The 436064 model features an over run timer, humidistat, pullcord and thermo electric shutters for ultimate automatic control and manual over ride. The over run timer is adjustable and may be set from 2 - 26 minutes on install and keeps the fan running for your pre-determined period after power has been turned off. This ensures that all steam and moisture are removed after you have left the bathroom.

The humidistat measures relative humidity and automatically turns the fan on once it has reached a pre-determined level - set upon install. The pullcord is used to switch the fan on regardless of whether humidity is present - if for example the room also houses the toilet.The thermo electric shutters close when the fan is not in use, thus preventing backdraughts and cold air.
Vent Axia SELV ZONE 1 VA100XHTP 436064 Humidistat, Timer, Pullcord, Shutters
RRP: £268.56
£180.98 inc vat
3-5 Working Day Delivery

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