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Vent Axia 407001 Sentinel Multivent PLUS MEV Unit

Vent Axia 407001 mechanical extract ventilation EFW's most popular MEV unit range
Best MEV unit Rated Five Star by Extractor Fan World (see review)
Vent Axia Sentinel Multivent PLUS Review Watch our Vent Axia MultiVent video review

The SMV Sentinel Plus is the Rolls Royce of the Multivent range. Offering all the control and functional benefits of the Sentinel range, the 'Plus' models feature a more powerful motor which results in a 30% increase in air extraction!

The 407001 model offers:
• Demand Control - enables precise ventilation rate, is set in 1% increments based on property size
• Integral LCD display allows the installer to select appropriate low, normal and boost speeds to meet demand
• Manual and automatic control options
• Integral adjustable overrun timer and delay on timer
• Plug-n-Play automatic sensor detection
• Switched live and SELV connections
• Dry Out setting – Option set at installation, Sentinel Multivent will run on boost for 1 week to assist in removing moisture
• Optional Wireless Control – up to 4 controllers on any one system
• Energy efficient EC/DC motors - 1/3 less energy lost to heat than a conventional AC motor
• Low Specific Fan Power (SFP) making it one of the most efficient products on the market

Vent Axia 443298 Lo Carbon Multivent dimensions

The Multivent continuous mechanical extract ventilation range is designed for the simultaneous ventilation of separate areas in the home or as a multi-point extractor system for a wide range of commercial applications.
Vent Axia 407001 Sentinel Multivent PLUS Super Powerful MEV Unit
RRP: £661.09
£439.70 inc vat
3-5 Working Day Delivery

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