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Vent Axia 403834 Lo Carbon Tempra LT Heat Recovery Unit + Timer (Long Heat Exchanger)

VENT AXIA 403834
Single Room Constant Trickle Heat Recovery Unit with Switch Live to Boost and Timer

Trickle Low 6 L/s / 21.6m3/hr
Trickle High 9 L/s / 32.4m3/hr
Boost 15L/s / 54m3/hr

Heat recovery is the collection and re-use of heat arising from any process that would otherwise be lost. Heat recovery can help to reduce the overall energy consumption of the process itself, or provide useful heat for other purposes. This Vent Axia heat recovery unit, the Tempra T 443310, has the following features:

• Heat Recovery Ventilation: A heat recovery fan which recovers up to 74% of the heat from extracted air and puts it back into the fresh incoming air.
• Fits 100mm diameter hole: The Tempra will fit 100mm through the wall applications as a straight replacement for a traditional extract fan.
• Continuous or intermittent flow rates: Air flows can be set to quiet, low speed continuous rates or high speed intermittent boost rates.
• Low energy consumption, low noise: The unique twin impeller design consumes as little as 2.0 Watts and operates almost silently on trickle setting.
• Complies with Building Regulations Part F 2010: Complies with Part F, System 1 and may also be used in conjunction with System 3, continuous mechanical extract ventilation.
• Complies with Building Regulations Part L 2010: Low energy consumption means the Tempra exceeds the energy saving requirements in Part L, Conservation of Fuel and Power.
• Versatile control: Switching on/off or from trickle to boost speeds is possible in several ways: Switched Live, Pullcord or Humidistat. Overrun and delay start timers are also available.
• Summer Setting: The extract-only Summer Setting helps keep you cool by closing off the intake from outside, reducing the amount of warm air entering the dwelling.

Range Overview:
Revolutionary patented technology; The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Tempra through the wall heat recovery units are suitable for fitting through a 102mm (4”) circular hole and are designed for use in bathrooms, toilets and utility areas. Under the new Building Regulations Document F continuous running products, such as the Lo-Carbon Tempra only need to move the amount of air as laid down in table 5.1a of Document F. The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Tempra is available with pullcord control, timer control or humidistat, timer and pullcord. All models are also available in SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage).

Typical Installation: 
The Lo-Carbon Tempra unit is designed for installation in a 102mm (4”) core drilled hole. All installation can be carried out from inside the building. The units are suitable for external walls up to 318mm thick.

Legislation Compliance:
The Lo-Carbon Tempra complies with the air flow requirements of the new Building Regulations Part F 2010 and with the energy consumption requirements of Part L 2010. For ‘best practice’, Part F requirements apply to both new build and refurbishment installations. Part F 2010 There are three means of mechanical ventilation specified in the Building Regulations: System 1, Intermittent Extract Fans, System 3, Continuous Mechanical Extract (MEV) and System 4, Continuous Mechanical Supply and Extract with Heat Recovery (MVHR). System 1. Instead of using a traditional intermittent extract fan, the Tempra, running on continuous setting may be used. This method has the advantage of reducing the overall background ventilation requirement by 2500mm sq. and removing the need for background ventilation in the room in which the unit is sited. System 3. Using Tempra in conjunction with MEV/dMEV permits a reduction in the overall dwelling extract rate. This is particularly useful for extensions, loft conversions and refurbishments which might otherwise be difficult to ventilate. Part L 2010   Building Regulations Part L1A and L1B 2010, Conservation of Fuel and Power refer to the energy performance requirements set out in the Building Services Compliance Guide. Tempra falls comfortably within the specific fan power (SFP) requirement of 1.5 Watts per litre per second (W/l/s) for MVHR.
Vent Axia 403834 Lo Carbon Tempra LT + Timer & Long Heat Exchange
RRP: £331.75
£260.25 inc vat
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