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Video Transcription
One of the most important aspects of any ventilation system, after its extraction capability is its noise levels.
In this short video we will look at the UK’s three most popular silent extractor fans: the Airflow QT100, the Vent Axia Silent Fan and the Silent Tornado.

The QT100 certainly scores well on the noise front. Operating at 30dB(A) this fan is very quiet and  also benefits from an understated design. The QT100 has two power settings and on full power extracts moist air at 90m3/hr. This puts it in the top performing bracket. It's available in basic, timer, humidistat and PIR models. The QT100 is an excellent fan which balances functionality and design with ease.

The Vent Axia Silent Fan scores particularly well on noise, quietly doing its work at 21dB(A). It is in fact the most silent extractor fan on the market. However, the Vent Axia Silent fan achieves this lower noise at the cost of all important extraction rate. Regrettably, at 75m3/hr this model is also one of the least powerful on the market and it should also be noted that it is only suitable for installation in zone 3. At nearly £50 for the basic version and nearly £60 for the Timer model, the Vent Axia Silent Extractor fan is not the cheapest and in view of its limited features does not represent great value.

The Silent Tornado, on the other hand is considered by many as the best Silent Extractor Fan currently available. It is whisper quiet at 25 decibels but does not compromise on performance. Operating at 97m3/hr it is the UK’s most powerful four inch axial fan and will extract steam from the average sized bathroom before it even condenses. It may be installed in zone 1 of the bathroom without the need for a separate transformer thanks to its IP rated electrical housing. And with forward curved impellers the Silent Tornado may be ducted over longer distances than most axial fans – up to 6m if required. With a full range of basic, pullcord, timer, humidistat and PIR versions available, it is a silent extractor fan which covers every aspect of bathroom extraction with brilliant results. So if you're on the lookout for a silent extractor fan we certainly feel you need look no further than the Silent Tornado.

We do hope you foind this video helpful. Thank you so much for watching. See you again, next time on Extractor Fan World TV.


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