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Post Lockdown Ventilation

Post Lock-down Ventilation for Dentist Surgeries and Offices

If you are looking to re-open your business now that lock-down rules have been slightly relaxed, but you now find more than ever that you must adhere to regulations regarding air extraction, acting quickly will mean business can be resumed sooner rather than later.

To act quickly, you need to know which is going to be the most suitable unit for you to install for your space. Below are our recommendations for the best all round solutions for most installations of this type.

Turbo Tube

Our favourite do-it-all fan for so many installations, the Turbo Tube Pro 100 will very likely be all that you will need for a single room extraction system in a dental surgery or modest office space. For smaller rooms, the 4 Inch Turbo Tube will be sufficient, giving an extraction rate of 245m3/h. For spaces with a volume no greater than 37m3, the 6 Inch Turbo Tube will be more suitable thanks to its 550m3/h extraction rate. Able to extract with duct runs of up to 20 metres, this fan is more than capable of handling a large proportion of your ventilation requirements. 
Turbo Tube Pro ideal for ventilation in Offices and Dentist Surgeries

Envirovent SILMV 

For rooms larger than 37 cubic meters, the Envirovent SILMV1000 is a great solution. Thanks to its seriously high extraction rate of 1100m3/h, it is capable of extracting at twice the rate of a 6 inch fan, while only using 8 inch ducting. Its biggest difference is its acoustically treated inner sleeve that reduces operation noise, down to a remarkable 24dB. Perfect if you require a truly silent extraction system.
Envirovent SILMV250 Inline Extractor Fan

Envirovent Spider

If you require ventilation from more than one room, you may find a multi-vent system more suitable. A multi-vent system is a permanently running system with multiple inlets that can be attached to grilles in separate rooms. These are then sent through one outlet to the outside world, requiring only one outlet grille. We recommend the Envirovent Spider MEVS-W for this type of installation; able to be connected to up to 9 inlets (depending on area), the Spider MEVS-W boasts both automatic humidistat function and - more appropriately for surgeries and office spaces - wireless control.  
Emvirovent Spider MEVS-W Multi-vent Extractor System

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