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Manrose MF150T 6 Inch Inline Mixed Flow Fan + Timer

150mm Inline Ceiling Fan with Timer Rated Five Star by Extractor Fan World (see review)
150mm diameter spigot - six inch axial impeller UK's most popular 150mm 6inch duct fan
Manrose Mixed Flow Inline Fan Review Manrose mixed flow inline fan video review
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500m3/hr 138L/s Extraction rate Extremely high airflow rate - 500m3/hr (138L/s)
Mixed Flow Impeller Duct from any bathroom zone
MF150T Timer inline extractor fan No electrics in bathroom (See installation diagram)
Inline Ceiling Duct Extractor Fan Extracts steam before condensing
Manrose MF150T Inline duct fan with Timer Wiring Diagram Very Quiet - 25db(A)
Manrose MF150T review Duct up to 10 metres without loss of power.
Specification High Setting:
- Max Flow Rate: 500m3/hr
- Max Flow Rate: 138 L/s
- Noise : 25dB(A)
- Watts : 34w
- Spigot diameter: 150mm
- Overall Length: 307mm
- Overall Width: 226mm
- Height: 247mm

Extractor Fan World Review of the Manrose MF150T

Offering a ventilation rate of 500m3/hr (metres cubed per hour) or 138L/s (litres per second), the Manrose MF150T is designed for use in large domestic bathrooms or those that experience heavy load. Using 'Mixed Flow' (MF) technology, it combines the air flow characteristics of a 150mm (6 inch) axial impeller with a centrifugal housing, resulting in very high extraction rates and much higher exhaust pressures. This means that the MF150T can cope with much longer duct runs than a standard axial fan without significant loss of power. 

The MF150T is particularly great for bathrooms as the internal grille may be sited directly above the shower or bath, thus extracting steam at source (see diagram below). With no electrics in the bathroom it is easy to install, saving both electrician and decorating costs and since it is situated in the loft or ceiling void noise levels are also extremely low.

This model is supplied complete with integral over run. Set upon install from 2 - 26 minutes, this features ensures all moisture is removed before switching off keeping the bathroom damp and odour free.

Installing the Manrose MF150T Inline Duct Fan

You will need the following, all available from the accessories list below:
1 x Length of 150mm (6 inch) flexible aluminium ducting (sold by the metre)
1 x 6 inch internal back draught shutter
4 x Duct clamps
1 x 2150 circular internal grille (chrome or white)
1 x 6 Inch Energy Saver external grille
1 x 6 inch Condensation trap (If the fan and duct are to be fitted vertically)
Inline Extractor Fan Installation Guide
An inline fan is installed in the loft or ceiling void above the bathroom (or kitchen etc). Ducting is attached to each end of the fan with one length going to an internal grille in the ceiling of the bathroom and the other going to a grille on the external wall, soffitt or roof.

Duct clamps are used to connect the ducting to each end of the fan and to the spigot of each of the grilles. The back draught shutter may be installed anywhere in the exhaust ducting - that is to say, the ducting which runs from the fan to the outside grille, but is usually situated as near to the outside grille as possible. It's worth pointing out, that the backdraught shutter must be fitted the right way round!

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Manrose MF150T 6 Inch, 150mm Inline Mixed Flow Fan with Timer
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