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How Much Does it Cost to Put an Extractor Fan in a Bathroom?

How Much Does it Cost to put in an Extractor Fan in a Bathroom? 

  Cost of Fan and Accessories:

An extractor fan of good quality and function will cost somewhere between £50 - £100 depending on what function you require. A good timer fan will be approximately £50, whereas a fan with a humidistat will be closer to £90. This is based on a typical bathroom fan, there are a few different types to cater for particular requirements but most bathrooms will only need a good axial, through the wall fan.Silent Tornado Bathroom Fan

Most basic installations will require similar accessories, essentially an exterior grille of some kind, some ducting and a couple of duct clamps to hold it all together. Other accessories such as inline backdraft shutters and various duct connectors are available and can be added if required but this is the most common setup. In total, these come to between £15 - £20 depending on which exterior grille you choose.

  Cost of Installation:

An electrician will charge somewhere between £50 - £100 for a morning’s work, although you may only have a couple of hours work in total, it’s likely your electrician will charge for a full morning.

  Overall Cost:

All of these elements together come to somewhere between £115 and £210 + VAT depending on what you choose to install and what your electrician charges. This is of course a ballpark figure but it gives a good idea of the costs involved when installing an extractor fan in your bathroom.

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