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Envirovent HSA100/600 HeatSava Single Room Heat Recovery Unit


HSA100/600 Key Features:

- Renewable 5 year warranty 
- Super efficient heat exchange unit
- Available in different lengths to suit varying wall thicknesses 
- Reduces carbon emissions
- Saves on heating costs
- Automatic Summer mode and frost protection
- Intelligent humidity controls
- Whisper quiet (22db on trickle)
- Rotates to fit tight spaces

Continuous Trickle Setting:  23m3/hr | 6.5L/s | 22dB(A) | 5w    
Boost High Setting:             47m3/hr | 13L/s | 39dB(A) | 20w  

- Spigot diameter: 98mm
- Spigot length: 600mm
- Overall Length: 370mm

The HSA100 represents a radical breakthrough in single room heat recovery technology. Offering up to 75% thermal efficiency, returning three quarters of the heat energy extracted from condensation laden air back into the room without the moisture, the Envirovent HeatSava is ideal for well insulated homes where damp and mold are becoming an issue due to inadequate ventilation.

Simultaneously cutting heating costs and carbon emissions, using a highly sophisticated heat exchange cell, the refreshed warm air is replaced at exactly the same rate as it is extracted - The only single room heat recovery unit on the market able to boast this.

Featuring intelligent humidity sensors, the HeatSava requires virtually no human interaction once it's been installed. The motor speed increases in direct correlation with the humidity in the room and the temperature outside, preventing both too much heat being recovered in Summer or frosting issues in Winter. 

The HeatSava is a wall mounted unit that can be installed in four different positions through 360° horizontally or vertically to fit into tight spaces and thanks to an ingenious cleaning and maintenance system, the heat exchange cell and fan compartment can be cleaned without the need for an electrician, helping to further save cost.
Envirovent HeatSava 600mm heat exchange Single Room MVHR Unit
RRP: £470.21
£296.23 inc vat
You save £173.98 that's 37% off!

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