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Envirovent ESAV200L EnergiSava 200 MVHR Unit Left Hand Model

The Envirovent ESAVA200 is an energy efficient and powerful centralised MVHR unit designed for use in medium sized to larger houses and shared accommodation.

Typically installed installed in the loft, the ESAVA continuously draws musty, damp air from multiple, individual rooms and replaces it with fresh tempered air, warmed by the outgoing air in the heat exchanger. The fresh air is returned to the rooms through circular valves mounted in the ceiling, discreetly maintaining high internal air quality throughout the year. 

EnergiSava Typical Installation

The ESAVA200 works by measuring humidity. During normal conditions the unit runs continuously on trickle until the humidity levels rise above the specified set point, when The EnergiSava increases its airflow to deal with the change in air quality. No user intervention is required and when humidity returns to normal the EnergiSava automatically drops back to trickle level.

Energisava ESAV200 operation and airflow

Using a powerful backward curved impeller and EC motor, the EnergiSava 200 delivers exceptional performance, achieving a maximum airflow of 260 m3/h (72 l/s) and maximum system pressure in excess of 500Pa.

Highly practical, it comes as standard with a remote control to adjust the units airflow between trickle and boost rates. It also indicates when the summer by-pass is activated including a filter change and fault indicator. The automatic, integral mechanical summer by-pass ensures that cooler air enters the property on warmer days, creating an ideal indoor climate.

EnergiSava dimensions

The energiSava 200 range is very easy to install and commission: With both vertical and horizontal mounting options, the unit can be installed on the wall or floor. For ease of commissioning the push button pad on the unit enables the installer to correctly set the required airflow rate quickly and effectively.
EnergiSava 200 5 year warranty

Envirovent ESAV200L EnergiSava MVHR unit + summer bypass & frost protection
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