What exactly is smart heating control, and is it a necessity?

What exactly is smart heating control, and is it a necessity?

Traditionally, many of us have been accustomed to regulating our home heating through a standard thermostat. This uncomplicated device enables us to set our preferred temperature, ensuring a cozy environment during colder seasons.

Typically, the thermostat is coupled with a timer or time clock, empowering homeowners to dictate when the boiler should be active throughout the day.

While this straightforward arrangement offers basic heating control—such as determining the time of day we want our home heated and selecting a single temperature—it does have its limitations. What if, for instance, you desire a warmer home in the morning but prefer a slightly cooler temperature in the evenings? Or what if you're away from home when the heating is scheduled to turn on, and you'd like to prevent unnecessary heating of an empty house? Maybe you're returning home at an unconventional time and wish to preheat your living space before arrival. Enter Smart Heating from Heatmiser.

Why should you install a Smart Thermostat?

Smart home heating controls empower you to fully customize your home's heating for optimal comfort and only when necessary. Smartphone apps provide an added layer of control, enabling remote management of your heating system from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, advanced sensors and controls, like window sensors, can detect if a room's window is open and halt heating to that space to avoid futilely warming an unoccupied area.

It's conceivable that in the future, newly constructed homes will exclusively incorporate smart heating devices, maximizing control and energy efficiency.

Heatmiser offers a range of smart wired and wireless thermostats that can be controlled at the tap of a button at home or remotely through mobile applications or other smart home platforms. This allows users to manage their heating systems from anywhere with an internet connection. These features allow users to set heating schedules based on their preferences and help home owners to optimise energy usage and create a comfortable environment.

Heatmiser's range supports temperature zoning, allowing control of different rooms or zones of their property independently which enables more precise control and ultimately savings on your heating bill.

Heatmiser provides solutions specifically tailored for underfloor heating systems. These controls are designed to efficiently manage the temperature of underfloor heating zones using a variety of thermostsats and sensors.

As well hardwired thermostats some Heatmiser thermostats offer wireless capabilities, eliminating the need for extensive wiring during installation making them the ideal solution for retrofitting or when a wired connection is impractical.

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