Rointe Electric Bathroom Radiators

Rointe Electric Bathroom Radiators

Rointe specialises in the design and manufacture of electric heating systems. Their products are known for their energy efficiency, innovative technology, and sleek design. Rointe heating systems are commonly used for residential and commercial spaces, providing a range of solutions for different heating needs.

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Some key features of Rointe heating systems include:

Energy Efficiency: Rointe heaters often incorporate energy-efficient technologies to help users reduce their energy consumption and heating costs. This can include features like programmable timers, thermostatic control, and precision heating.

Digital Control: Rointe heating systems typically come with digital controls that allow users to program and customize their heating schedules. This enables users to set specific temperatures for different times of the day and week, optimizing comfort and energy savings.

Remote Control: Many Rointe heating products can be controlled remotely, either through a dedicated remote control or using a smartphone app. This allows users to manage their heating systems from anywhere, providing convenience and flexibility.

Safety Features: Rointe heaters often include safety features such as overheat protection and child locks to ensure the safe operation of the heating systems.

Design: Rointe places a focus on the design of their products, aiming to provide heaters that not only perform well but also blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of modern living spaces.

Variety of Products: Rointe offers a range of heating products to cater to different needs, including electric radiators, towel rails, water heaters, and underfloor heating systems.

We stock some of the more popular ranges such as the Kryos, Sygma & D Series.

Kyros radiators

Kyros radiators deliver a cozy warmth that, coupled with their energy efficiency, renders them ideal for installation in various commercial or residential settings. With features like a visual menu, smart timer, and four customizable pre-programmed settings, this electric radiator is remarkably easy and intuitive to control. Selecting the program that aligns with your preferences allows the Kyros radiator to automatically maintain your heating at optimal levels through infrared communication.

D Series WiFi radiators

In contrast to alternative heating solutions, the D Series WiFi controlled radiators boast a high-speed connection facilitated by the integrated WiFi and E·Life technology. This eliminates the need for gateways, additional connections, or terminals for communication.

Each product operates independently and establishes its connection separately. Consequently, in the event of a failure, the issue remains isolated and does not impact other products within your installation. Featuring real-time synchronization and the swiftest response system in the market (achieving an immediate response in 270 milliseconds), any adjustments made via the Rointe Connect app result in instant updates to your product.

Sygma Radiators

Lastly the Sygma radiator envelops your residence, hotel, or school in cozy, uniform, and efficient warmth, courtesy of its advanced Optimizer Energy Plus technology. This patented innovation, as verified by independent tests, utilizes an average of only 40% of its nominal power to sustain a temperature of 21ºC.