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Post Lock-down Ventilation

Post Lock-down Ventilation

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan
best bathroom ventilation fans reviews IPX5 - No transformer required!
best Silent Bathroom Fan Suitable for ALL bathroom zones
condensation extraction Wall or ceiling mounted
Extractor Fan review Integral backdraught shutters
best bathroom wall extractor fan Very powerful - 97m3/hr (!)
Extractor Fan Bathroom Zones Virtually silent! 25db(A)
Extraction rate 97m3/hr Super low energy! 7.5w
Air Movement Ducts up to 10m!

The Best Bathroom Extractor Fan!

The Silent Tornado is the most powerful, energy efficient and quietest 4 inch axial fan available. It is IPX5 waterproof and suitable for installation in any bathroom zone. An awesome unit which is uniquely sold with a 5 year guarantee. Quite simply the best wall mounted axial bathroom extractor fan we've ever tested. It is available in five switching options. To purchase or read more just click on the links below. 

Best Bathroom Fan
Basic Model
Timer Model
Humidistat Model
Pull Cord Model
Occupancy Sensor Model

Bext Inline Ceiling Extractor Fan
Powerul Bathroom Fan Extremely Powerful - 245m3/hr!
High Capacity extractor Fan No Electrics in Bathroom
best inline Fan for bathrooms Duct From any Bathroom Zone
cheap bathroom extractor fan Ideal for Showers!
Extractor Fan Bathroom Zones Virtually Silent! 32db(A)
Ceiling void duct fan Extracts Steam Before Condensing

Install in loft or ceiling void directly above the bath or shower

Installed in the loft or void above the bathroom, shower or kitchen the Turbo Tube is the single best ventilation solution money can buy. Inline fans are particularly great for bathrooms because you can site the extraction grille directly above the shower or bath, thus extracting the steam at source. With no electrics in the bathroom they are also easy to install, saving both electrician and decorating costs. The Turbo Tube is available in standard and timer versions and 4 and 6 inch. Please click on the links below.
Best Inline Extractor Fan
4 inch - 245m3/hr
Standard Model
4 inch - 245m3/hr
Over-Run Timer Model
6 inch - 565m3/hr
Standard Model
6 inch - 565m3/hr
Over-Run Timer Model

Best kitchen fan
Six inch Fan Super Powerful - 241m3/hr
best 150mm extractor fan Very Low Energy - just 20w
six inch extractor fan reviews Slim line profile - Only 19mm!!
150mm six inch kitchen fan review vent axia Wall or ceiling Mounted

With a spectacular extraction rate of 241m3/hr, and six inch forward curved impeller, the Silhouette 150 six inch kitchen fan will extract all the steam and smells caused by cooking in even the largest domestic kitchens.

Featuring a high efficiency motor, the Silhouette operates at full power on just 20w! - Considerably lower than other six inch axial fans. With a sleek front fascia and super low, chamfered profile of 19mm the Silhouette looks great too!

Available in three models - standard, over-run timer and humidistat - and manufactured to Vent Axia's extremely high standard the Silhouette will provide years of quiet, energy efficient service...
A superb fan for any domestic kitchen.

Best Kitchen Fan
Silhouette 454059
Standard Model
Silhouette 454060
Timer Model
Silhouette 454061
Humidistat Model

Best Window Fan
best bathroom ventilation fans reviews Excellent Extraction - 90m3/hr
best Silent Bathroom Fan 240v & 12v models available
condensation extraction Suitable for all bathroom zones
best bathroom wall extractor fan Quiet operation 32db(A)
Extractor Fan Bathroom Zones Integral back draught shutters
Extraction rate 97m3/hr 12 Different models available!
Over the years window fans have become less popular and some manufacturers have ceased production entirely. The VA100 range was originally designed as a standard wall fan but may also be installed in windows by using a separate window kit.

The fan itself has hardly changed since the first production run - testimony to its superb performance. Offering 90m3/hr the VA100 is still one of the most powerful 4 inch fans available. It comes in a range of models offering different control options such as pull cord, humidistat and timer. It is also available in both mains (240v) and SELV (12v) options for installation in zone one of the bathroom.

Whilst other window fans are available none offer the performance and versatility of the VA100. Click on the image to take you to the VA100 section.
Best Window Fan

Best Cheap Extractor Fan
Cheap extractor Fan Unobtrusive design
Extractor Fan cheap reviews Wall or ceiling Mounted

There are more powerful extractor fans available, but delivering 80m3/hr @ 32dB(A), the SDF100 delivers impressive performance and will easily clear all steam from an average sized bathroom and is perfect for use in toilets. It's unobtrusive, simple design will suit any aesthetic.

Please note that the SDF100 range is suitable for installation in zone 3 of the bathroom only. This fan is not suitable for installation in zone 1 or 2.  Click SDF100 Range to browse or buy.

Best Cheap Fan

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