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Bathroom Ceiling Fans Zone 1 & 2

You have told us that you are installing a fan in the bathroom ceiling in zone 1 or 2.

You have the choice of using two very different types of extractor fan: Surface Mounted or 'Inline'.
Inline fans are installed behind the ceiling in the loft or void between floors. If you do have access
to the space above the bathroom and enough room to install it, we strongly recommend the use
of the Manrose MF100 for this installation. Compare extraction rates, our notes and prices.

Manrose MF100
Manrose MF100T Inline Extractor Fan Vital Statistics: 245m3/hr / 68L/s : 24db(A) : 25w

1. With a whopping 245m3/hr extraction rate it's the most powerful 4 inch fan on the market.
2. Mounted in the loft above the bathroom, this inline fan can be ducted to directly above the shower or bath. 
3. Using only 25w it's very energy efficient.
4. Incredibly quiet, particularly so considering its power.
5. Extracts steam before it condenses.
Standard Model: MF100
Timer Version: MF100T

Silent Tornado ST100 - High Power 4 inch Axial Fan
Airflow Quiet Extractor Fan Vital Statistics: 97m3/hr / 26L/s : 25db(A) : 7.5w

- IP45 rated motor, so the fan can be installed in any zone in the bathroom without the need for a separate transformer.
- Most powerful 4inch axial fan on the market @ 97m3/hr 
- Low energy. On full power it uses only 7.5w! 
- Virtually silent. 25db(A)
- The best 4 inch axial fan we have ever tested. Click on the 'view item' buttons on the right to see the full specification and read our review.
Standard Model: ST100B
Timer Model: ST100T
Humidistat Model: ST100HT
Pull Cord Model: ST100PC
PIR Model: ST100PR

Great for Long Duct Runs: Vent Axia Solo
Vent Axia Quadra Plus Extractor Fan Vital Statistics: 90m3/hr / 25L/s Noise: 42dB(A) : 21w

The Vent Axia Solo is a powerful centrifugal fan; great for long duct runs of up to 50m! It offers continuous ventilation on a lower, 'trickle' speed and will boost to maximum extraction rate when the room is in use.The Solo also features optional washable filters and may be flush mounted using an optional kit, sold separately.

Available in Pullcord, timer, humidistat, PIR options.
Timer Version (12v Model)
Humidistat Version (12v Model)
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