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Airflow Quiet Air QT100 and QT120 Review

Video Transcript

Hi There! Welcome to EFW TV, my name's Darren, and today, in this video we're going to be talking about the Airflow Qt100 and QT120. (Martin let's have a close up on these two).

So this is the Qt100, an absolutely fantastic fan, with a number of USPs. The first of which, as the name suggests, the Airflow QuietAir is actually very quiet! At 30 decibels on full power it's whisper silent - you won't hear it - sure, if it's in a plasterboard wall, there'll be a tiny bit of vibration, but if it's in a brick wall you won't hear this even when it's on full power.

It's low energy. Again, on full power it uses only 9 watts, which is less than your average LED lamp. But probably best of all, this fan, even though it's mains voltage (if I take the front cover off - come in Martin, let's have a look at this), this motor is IP45 rated. Now 'IP' means Ingress Protected and a rating of '45' means it is waterproof, or resistant to 'jets of water from anyangle'. So even though it's mains voltage, this fan can go in any zone in the bathroom, without the need for a separate transformer. So it saves costs on install. It's actually cheaper because you don't have to pay for a transformer and you don't have all the aggro of situating a trasnformer outside of the zoning system.

Er, the QT100 also has integral backdraught shutters. So when the fan is in operation they will be out like that and when the fan is not they close, preventing back draights, so you don;t need to buy a gravity grille. The front panel just clips on like so, and we think you'll agree it looks pretty good too.

The QT100 can be wall or ceiling mounted. It comes in a range of switching options, including the basic model which will be switched by either by light switch or remote switch. Er this is actually the timer version which features an integral over run timer which will keep the fan running for a set period, to ensure that all moisture and steam is extracted from the room.

It also comes in a humidistat option which means the fan will turn on when humidity reaches a pre-set level. um, and also comes with a PIR if you want, the PIR version - which is an occupancy sensor, so the fan will come on when someone enters the room.

The bigger brother - the QT120 - is a five inch option - features all the same benefits that the QT100 does - backdraught shutters, situate it anywhere, that kind of thing. But with the QT120 we move up to a whopping hundred and seventy metres cubed an hour. Actually the QT100 is very powerful at ninety metres cubed an hour, the QT100 is one of the most powerful four inch fans on the market. Um, the QT120 is used in bigger bathrooms or kitchens.

That's actually it! ..that's everything you need to know! ..don't forget your ducting and clamps... actually, the QT120 comes with ducting and clamps. The Qt100, being a standard four inch fan doesn;t so don't forget your ducting and clamps. We stock all models, the humidistat, timer versions in both ranges, so if you order before 4.30pm you receive next day delivery.

Hope you enjoyed the video, many thanks for watching!

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