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Airflow Loovent TM01 4 Inch Centrifugal Extractor Fan 71766401

Air Extraction : 111m3/hr : 31 L/s
Noise : 58dB(A)
Watts : 30W

The 71766401 Airflow Loovent 01 is one of the most reliable centrifugal extractor fans on the market. Indeed, its design hasn't changed in nearly 40 years and in that time Airflow have sold over 1 million of them!

Offering 111m3/hr extraction, the 4 inch Loovent 01 is considerably more powerful than any 4 inch axial fan. As such, it may be used in a number of different situations such as bathroom zone 3, toilet, utility and kitchen. A further advantage is that the Loovent 01 may be ducted up to 6m with two ninety degree bends and still operate at 15L/s.

However - if you are replacing an existing Loovent 01 you may want to consider the BRAND NEW Loovent ECO. (see below). Offering the same extraction, the new models use less than half the energy and come in Timer and humidistat versions.
Airflow Loovent 01 TM Airflow 4 Centrifugal Fan with Timer 71766401
RRP: £133.91
£77.00 inc vat
You save £56.91 that's 42% off!

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