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Airflow Icon ECO30s Extractor Fan Review

Review of the Airflow Icon Eco 30s by Extractor Fan World

Video Transcript

Hello! and in this video we'll be looking at another of our five star recommended fans - the Airflow ICON ECO 30S.

So the first thing to notice is that the icon does not have an obvious front grille, like a standard four inch fan. That's because it uses the 'opening iris backdraught shutter', so when not in use the shutter is closed and automatically on operation the iris opens and reveals the grille and impeller.

It's a great looking fan. It may be surface or recessed mounted. If it's surface mounted the only part of the fan that's showing, (Martin, you might want to come in a bit) the only part of the fan that's showing is here. That's just 22m off of the wall - and it's widest point from back to front is 43mm. If you don't have the room to recess this part of the fan and you just have room for the four inch impeller, then it comes with a surface mounting kit.

But the Icon isn't just a good looking fan, it's also extremely powerful. Er, this version, the ECO 30S will extract 123 metres cubed an hour. Even though it's only a four inch impeller. And it does that by using what's known as a 'mixed flow' impeller. (Martin, if you could come in again and look close up...). So here is hte mixed flow impeller which generates much higher air pressure than a standard axial impeller. And that means that it not only extracts more air, but it's able to push the air over longer duct runs. This fan, the ICON ECO30S, is good for ducting, in a straight line, up to nine metres. Of course, if you have bends in the ducting, that distance does come down, but in a straight line it will duct up to 9m.

So we've been looking at the low voltage version which means it's suitable for installation in zones one and two of the bathroom. So in other words you can install this fan in the wall or ceiling directly above the bath or shower so that it extracts steam at source. The low voltage transformer is supplied with the fan. And it also comes with a range of optional control modules. These are sold separately and will control the fan in the way that you want it to, so there is a timer module, humidistat module, PIR module, which is er, occupancy sensor. This one is the pull cord module and then Airflow also make a couple of combination modules, so this one here is the PIR, timer and humidistat module. Both time and humidity are prest on install. Relative humidity, as you can see from 40% to 90%, the timer, up to 45 minutes.

Er, this is a job for your electrician, but we'll just show you how they're fixed - a very neat little job - um, into the fan, the module is connected to the electrics and it just sits inside the fan, like so, and the cover goes back on top. So a very neat little arrangement.

As I said, we highly recommend this fan. It looks absolutely great and it's very powerful. And that's the Airflow Icon Eco 30S.

Thanks for watching!


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