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Airflow Icon Bathroom Fan Video Review

Video Transcript

Airflow Icon Video transcript

Hello There! Welcome to Extractor Fan World TV! In this video, we're going to take a look at the Icon range of axial domestic extractor fans from Airflow.

  • With a design like no other fan on the market, the Icon is definitely not what you expect when you think of a bathroom extractor fan, the slim profile and smooth looks of the Airflow Icon make for a modern appearance that blends in to any space.

  • Its most distinguishing feature is that the Icon does this............ the opening “iris” in the front cover. Like something from a sci-fi movie, the iris opens when the fan gets up to speed and then closes again once the fan has been turned off. Not only does it look cool, but it prevents back draught into the room when it is closed.

  • Available in 3 different sizes, the Icon 15: a standard 4 inch axial fan that extracts at 76m3/h the Icon 30, a larger, more powerful fan that still connects to 4 inch duct, intended for use in utility rooms and extracts at 118m3/h and the Icon 60: A 6 inch fan designed for use in kitchens extracting at 260m3/h

  • Low Voltage versions of the Icon 15 and Icon 30 are available for installation within Zone 1 of your bathroom, the Eco15S and the Eco30S come complete with transformer to convert the voltage down to a 'safe for zone 1' 12 volt. The low voltage S versions of both these fans are slightly more powerful than the mains voltage versions

  • If white isn't going to fit in with your bathroom décor, perhaps one of 4 other finishes will, interchangeable front covers for the Icon 15 come in chrome, silver, anthracite and sandstone and just silver available for the Icon 30.

  • To complete the Icon, to set its trigger function. Several different modules are available to do this, including pullcord, timer, humidistat and PIR/ timer for the mains voltage versions and pullcord, pullcord/ timer, pullcord/ humidistat, pir/ timer, pir/ humidistat and timer for the 12v fans.

So there you are, a great looking, solid performing range of fans that are sure to blend in with any décor style.The full airflow icon range is available now at Thanks so much for watching, see you again next time on EFW TV.

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