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4 Inch Flexible Aluminium Ducting Cut to Order

Flexible Aluminium 4" Ducting Cut to Order
  • Please order the total length you require by typing that number in the quantity box. If you require 5m in total please order '5' - You will receive one length of 5 metres. (You will not receive 5 x 1m lengths)
  • Please note: the longest single length we can supply is 10m. If your total requirement exceeds this you will receive multiple lengths. We will contact you to ascertain the cut lengths. (i.e if you order 12m you may want 6 & 6 / 8 & 4 / 10 & 2 or 3 x 4m etc etc)
Ducting Hints and Tips
Stretch the ducting out as far as possible to create a totally smooth surface. Your duct run should be as short and straight as possible. Length and bends increase air pressure inside the ducting and this is bad for your extractor fan. Extra air pressure makes it harder for your fan to push the extracted air along the duct thus impairing its extraction power. 

Ideally, ducting should go straight through the wall to the outside world. If you do have to put bends in the ducting make them as shallow as possible rather than 90 degree elbows. If your duct run is over 4m you should consider using a centrifugal fan as most axial fans simply will not cope with the air pressure.

We recommend the use of duct clamps. These are inexpensive and ensure that the duct has a good tight fitting around the spigot of your fan and grille.
4 Inch Flexible Aluminium Ducting - 100mm Impeller Extractor Fans
RRP: £4.31
£3.25 inc vat
You save £1.06 that's 25% off!

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