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Vent Axia ACM125 Five Inch 125mm Inline Fan

Vent Axia ACM125
Vent Axia 5 Inch In Line Fan

Air Extraction : 252m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 70 L/s
Noise : 24dB @ 3m
Watts : 30W

An in line fan is a fan housed in the ceiling void or loft, with ducting attached to each end, one leading to the room you wish to extract from, the other to an outside grille. They are more powerful than standard axial wall or ceiling fans, and can be ducted over greater distances. They are generally used when the room you wish to extract from has no direct access to an outside wall or you wish to duct through the roof. They also have the adavantage of usually being quieter that wall / ceiling fans, as they are sound proofed by being housed outside of a room.

This fan can also be operated by humidistat by puchasing the VENT AXIA 563550A Humidistat & Timer below.

ACM Range
 - Quietest in line fan on the market
 - Can be ducted up to 50m
 - Designed and manufactured in the UK
 - 2 speed selectable motor
 - Timer versions available
 - Removable motor core assembley
 - Rotating motor chasis assembley
 - Supplied complete for installation, just choose your ducting, duct clamps and grilles
 - IP44 rated
 - Aesthetically pleasing with wipe clean polymer

 - Vent Axia has designed a complete range of energy efficient mixed flow fans that are now quieter, and offer 2 1/2 times the pressue of conventional axial fans.
 - The ACM in line fan range can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
 - All ACM fans have a seperate footplate for simple location mounting, and detachable spigots for simple connection to ducting. The motor body chasis now rotates to provide connection in acute spaces. Cleaning the product has also been made simpler as all parts can be removed without removing the ducting.
 - All non-timer model ACM fans can be controlled with the Electronic Speed Controller, W300310.
 - All motors are fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P), and are designed for temperatures up to +50°C. All sizes are Class II appliances. Supply voltage 220-240v/50Hz.

Vent Axia ACM125 Five Inch 125mm Inline Duct Fan Mixed Flow
RRP: £225.18
£170.24 inc vat
You save £54.94 that's 24% off!

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